Saturday, April 19, 2003

How to Install Iplanet Web Server

1. Untar the software tar file. For example in
test1# tar –xvf enterprise_.tar

2. Create a directory server under /cdts/iplanet
test1# mkdir servers

3. Run ./setup and we will reach to the below screen. Say Yes for the last line.
Would you like to continue with installation? [Yes]: Yes

4. Say Yes for Next screen to accept license agreement.

5. Select default (option 2) in the Next screen to select Type of installation

6. Provide install location which is /opt/iplanet/servers in next screen
Install location [/usr/iplanet/servers]: /opt/iplanet/servers

7. Select the default (All) on the screen below to install all the components.
Specify the components you wish to install [All]: All

8. Hit Enter on the screen below to install all the components.
Specify the components you wish to install [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]:

9. Enter the name of the computer with domain name for ex.
Computer name []:

10. Enter iwsuser and iwsgroup on next screen as System user/group value.

11. Press Enter at below screen when it asks whether Administrative processes should run with root user.
Run iWS Administration Server as [root]:

12. Press Enter on the screen below accepting the default value Admin as GUI user, Enter password in the next two lines.

Please select a user name and password now.

iWS Admin Server User Name [admin]: admin
iWS Admin Server Password:
iWS Admin Server Password (again):

13. Press Enter to select default value for port
iWS Admin Server Port [8888]:

14. Press Enter to accept default value.
Web Server Port [80]:80

15. Press Enter to select default Document Root /opt/iplanet/servers/docs.
Web Server Content Root [/opt/iplanet/servers/docs]:

16. Press Enter to accept default for JDK use.
Do you want to use your own JDK [No]: No

17. Web server installation completes.

Sun Netscape Alliance
iPlanet Web Server Installation/Uninstallation

Extracting Server Core...
Extracting Java Runtime Environment...
Extracting Java Support...
Extracting Search and Indexing Support...
Extracting SNMP Support...
Extracting Upgrade Files...

Server Core installed successfully.
Java Runtime Environment installed successfully.
Java Support installed successfully.
Search and Indexing Support installed successfully.
SNMP Support installed successfully.

Press Return to continue...

This completes the installation of Iplanet web server. Now Start admin server

Go to /opt/iplanet/servers/https-admserv
and run ./start

To Start Web Server
Go to /opt/iplanet/servers/
and run ./start

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