Friday, March 6, 2009

Configure ISCSI storage with RHEL5

In iSCSI (block level protocol on IP) parlance, the device where data is stored is called the target. This is usually a SAN or NAS device. The program or device on the server that handles communication with the iSCSI target is called the initiator. Red Hat ships a software-based initiator with RHEL.

1. Install iscsi-initiator-utils package.
# yum install iscsi-initiator-utils

2. Configure iSCSI by editing /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf

node.session.auth.username = My_ISCSI_USR_NAME
node.session.auth.password = MyPassword
discovery.sendtargets.auth.username = My_ISCSI_USR_NAME
discovery.sendtargets.auth.password = MyPassword

3. Start iscsi service
# /etc/init.d/iscsi start

4. Discover Target storage (suppose with IP address
# iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p
#/etc/init.d/iscsi restart

5. Now new device should be available to system. do below
# fdisk -l

6. Partition Disk
#fdisk /dev/sdd

7. Create file system.
# mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdd1

8. Modify /etc/fstab for auto mounting of file system
/dev/sdd1 /mnt/iscsi ext3 _netdev 0 0

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