Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to configure XCSF network in M4000

1. To assign an IP address to XSCF interface
XSCF> setnetwork xscf#1-lan#0 -m
2. Enable the specified network interface
XSCF> setnetwork -c up
3. XSCF> shownetwork
4. Add route
XSCF> setroute -c add -n -m -g interface
5. XSCF> applynetwork
6. To set Service Processor Host Name and DNS name
XSCF> sethostname xscf#0
7. To set Service Processor's DNS Name Server
XSCF> setnameserver ip_address
8. To enable Service Processor HTTPS service
XSCF> sethttps -c enable
9. To enable Service Processor SSH service
XSCF> setssh -c enable
XSCF> setssh -c genhostkey

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