Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Live upgrade of Veritas mirrored system

System had two disks c1t0d0 and c1t1d0, so first break mirror and remove disk c1t1d0 from disk group.

1.       # vxplex -g rootdg dis rootvol-02 swapvol-02 home-02
2.       # vxdg -g rootdg -k rmdisk rootdg02
3.       Create a file autoreg with entry “auto_reg=disable”
4.       Modify vxlustart script and mention auto registration disable by putting –k /tmp/autoreg into command running luupgrade otherwise it will fail.
5.       ./vxlustart -u 5.10 -d c1t1d0s2  -g rootdg -s /cdrom
6.       ./vxlufinish –u 5.10 –g <new root disk group name>
7.       shutdown –y –g0 –i6
8.       After few reboots system will come up with new Boot environment, mirror the rootdisk and remove old rootdg.

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  1. Hi Anoop, Thanks for the post. I am planning to perform live upgrade using the vxlu* scripts. Have you used this method for prod servers ? How is the success ratio? I used Live upgrade plenty of times with SVM and ZFS, but with vxvm is the first time. Any tips or tricks ?