Friday, February 15, 2008

How to create a new Disk Group and File system under VCS

1. Create a new disk group and a raid 5 volume
# vxdg init datadg disk01=c1t1d0s2 disk02=c1t2d0s2 disk03=c1t3d0s2 disk04=c1t4d0s2
# vxassist -g datadg make vol01 2g layout=raid5

2. Create a mount point
# mkdir /vol01

3. Create a file system on this volume
#mkfs –F vxfs /dev/vx/rdsk/datadg/vol01

4. Deport this disk group
#vxdg deport datadg

5. Create a Service Group
# haconf -makerw
# hagrp -add newgroup
# hagrp -modify newgroup SystemList 0 1
# hagrp -modify newgroup AutoStartList

6. Create a Disk Group resource and modify its attributes
# hares -add data_dg DiskGroup newgroup
# hares -modify data_dg DiskGroup datadg

7. Create a mount resource and modify its attributes
# hares -add vol01_mnt Mount newgroup
# hares -modify vol01_mnt BlockDevice /dev/vx/dsk/datadg/vol01
# hares -modify vol01_mnt FSType vxfs
# hares -modify vol01_mnt MountPoint /vol01
# hares -modify vol01_mnt FsckOpt %-y

8. Link the mount resource to the disk group resource
# hares -link vol01_mnt data_dg

9. Enable the resource and close the configuration
# hagrp -enableresources newgroup
# haconf -dump –makero

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