Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to add new node to existing cluster

1. Install the new VCS software on server and add licence.
# ./installvcs –installonly

2. Configure LLT
Update /etc/llthosts on all nodes with new hostname
Create /etc/llttab on the new node with set-node specifying new node name
Run command #/sbin/lltconfig –c

3. Configure GAB
Create the file /etc/gabtab on the new system. If this is 3rd node it should be
#/sbin/gabconfig –c –n3
#/sbin/gabconfig -c
Copy this file on all other nodes.

4. Perform these tasks on an existing cluster node to add new node
#haconf –makerw
#hasys –add
#hastop –sys

Copy main.cf from an existing node to new node

#haconf –dump -makero

5. Start VCS on new node

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